Delete History Free

Clear all history

Protect your privacy and improve computer performance - clear all history.

What history tracks to clear

Clear Internet History
› clear browsing history
› clear search history
› clear form AutoComplete
› clear Address bar history
› clear download history
› delete Temporary Internet Files (cache)
› delete saved passwords
› delete index.dat files

Clear Windows history:
› clear Recent Documents and Items
› clear Clipboard
› delete Windows Temporary Files
› clear Page file (swap file)
› clear Recently run programs list
› clear Windows Search history
› clar 'Start Menu' open programs history
› clear Recent open/save files list
› empty Recycle Bin

Clear apps history:
› clear Most Recently Used list in MS Office
› clear Windows Media Player history
› clear Toolbar search history
› clear Google Desktop history
› clear Skype chat and call history

Thursday, April 24, 2014
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