Delete history free

How to clear all history

In order to provide a more pleasant computer experience Windows and the programs you run track everything you do on your computer.

For example, web browsers remember every website you have visited, what you have searched for, what you have downloaded and so on.

Windows remembers what you have run, saved or searched, what documents and files you have opened.

Not only web browsers and Windows, but different applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, Acrobat Reader and others keep everything you do in them.

So, to keep your web browsing private, free up disk space and optimize your computer's performance, you should regularly clear all traces of your computer usage.

What history tracks should be deleted

To remove traces of your Internet usage you should clear browsing history, Address bar history, search history, form AutoComplete, clear download history, delete cache and cookies.

To clear Windows history, you should regularly delete Windows Temporary Files, clear recently opened documents and items, clear information stored in the clipboard, clear the lists of recently run programs and opened files, clear Windows search history, empty the Recycle Bin and more.

To clear history associated with specific applications, you should regularly use the clear history option in the applications you use.

Saturday, December 3, 2016 
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