Clear Facebook Search History

By | December 28, 2016


We will propose two ways to do it.

Like some other applications and browsers, Facebook stores by default each and every step we do in it’s website including the result of the searches. All the activities and the past data is stored in the web. We will see how to clear this and also and more important how to tell Facebook not to store some information again.

Every time we perform a search on Facebook (and this is the most used feature of the web), it is saved in our personal records. This log is done to speed up our most common searches as they are cached up. However, this can be considered as a privacy attack and invasion. All our activity is logged but private. We can prefer to keep this information private and erase it to avoid other access to it.

Let’s Start in our task to delete and limit what kind of information is being stored in our account.

  • First of all make sure you are logged on Facebook, if not then log in with your user and password.
  • Look at the right corner in the top of your screen and select Setting by hover the mouse and clicking on it. Then,you will see a menu where you have to choose option Activity log.
  • There it is, your activity logged by Facebook. Now, in the left side you will see another menu, select the option More and then select Search.
  • Here it is, what you will be looking at is all your past search history. Now we can do our cleaning in two different ways:
    • One by one: This means that you can delete the searches individually, selecting each one and clicking on Remove. Not recommended if you have a lot of entries here.
    • Delete all: If you have a lot of searches or you just want to clear it al in one single step. You have to find the Clear Searches option and click on it.

With these very simple steps we have succesfully removed our personal Facebook track data