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Remove Recent Documents List

How to remove recent documents list in main operative systems.

What is Recent Documents history?

Windows stores a list of documents and files you have recently opened and worked with. Anyone who has access to your computer can see this list and link to any of the items that you have opened.


Why you should Clear Recent Documents

When you open documents, files, pictures, etc., Windows always saves documents and files you opened into the 'My Recent Documents' folder. The Windows Start menu stores a list of the recent documents that you have opened or used. Recent documents list provides a quick way to reopen any document. But it could compromise your privacy as any user who has access to your PC can easily reopen any of your documents.


How to delete Recent Documents list


Windows 2000

Click the "Start" Button.
Select 'Settings'.
Select 'Taskbar and Start Menu'.
Click Advanced tab in Taskbar properties windows.
Click the Clear Button.


Windows XP

Right-click the 'Start' button and select 'Properties'.
Click 'Customize'.
Open the 'Advanced' tab.
To delete 'My Recent Documents folder' history, click the 'Clear List' button and then click 'OK'.


Vista (Standard Start Menu)

To delete 'Recent Items' (recent documents and files history) from the Start menu
Click the 'Start' button.
Right-click 'Recent items'.
Click 'Clear Recent Items List'.


Vista (Classic Start Menu)

Click the 'Start' button.
Select 'Settings'.
Select 'Taskbar and Start Menu'.
Open the 'Start menu' tab.
Click 'Customize'.
Click the 'Clear' button.
Click 'OK'.


Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9, Windows 10

Go to the windows taskbar, usually at the bottom of your screen.
Right click and select Properties
Go to tab Jump Lists
Uncheck "Store recently opened programs"
Uncheck "Store and Display recently opened items in jump lists
This will stop recording recent document. If you want to start storing again select and check both options.