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How to Activate Starz Com – Activate.Starz.Com – Roku, Apple TV

How to Activate Starz com was established in 1994, first of February to be precise. And it is a popular American premium satellite and cable television network. It serves as the flagship service of Starz Inc.

The features from this network released the first-run original television series and motion pictures. Its headquarters is located in Englewood, Colorado. This building also acts for MoviePlex and Starz Encore.

Up to 31 million American had access to Starz as of January 2016. But the number has increased over the years.

In this write-up, we will give you more information about this company. And also enlighten you about how to open a Starz app on the various devices available for easy access.

activate starz

You can have access to more than 12 multiplex channels on Starz, six of them are 24-hour multiplex channels. Al the channels are simulcast in both high definition and standard. They are also available in a subscription video-on-demand service.  Starz On Demand.

The multiplex channels and primary broadcasts from Starz occur on Eastern and Pacific Time Zone schedules. There is a unique pack for The coastal feeds of each of the channels usually.

Most outlets providing cable services offer just the east and west coast feeds of the major Starz channel. It is responsible for the differences in local airtimes for specific programs or movies between two different geographic locations standing at three or more hours.

MoviePlex and Encore and premium film services owned by Starz Inc. The two of them are different services. Which means subscribers to a particular service never needs to subscribe to another one from any of the other.

Some providers are offering both MoviePlex and Encore's multiplex channels. It is on a different digital cable tier from Starz. Be that as it may, Encore, MoviePlex is usually in a package with Starz. However, the case of MoviePlex depends a lot on its carriage.

Some of the available channels are below:

  • Starz Cinema: You can watch films outside the mainstream cinema on this channel. It also incorporates critically acclaimed studio, as well as, independent releases. You can also watch arthouse films here. The channel had been on since May 1999.
  • Starz Comedy: It focuses on comedian genres and lighthearted films, which include dramedies, romantic comedies and slapstick. The channel started in 2005.
  • Starz in Black: This channel shows black cinemas and urban entertainment. The films here carry a mix of first-run hits, Pan-African films and classic films. The channel started in 1997. It was in partnership with Black Entertainment Television (BET). The initial name was BET Movies: Starz!
  • Starz Edge: This channel features those films for young adults between the ages of 18 and 34. It started off in 1996. Its name was Starz! 2. The name changed to Starz! Theatre, a name it bored until 2005.
  • Starz Kids & Family logo 2016: This channel was launched in 2005, March 25th to be precise. It is a consolidation of Starz! Kids and Starz! Kids. The format of the channel is for family. And there is no R-rated movie on the channel. The service is premium and highly entertaining
  • Starz, which is the flagship channel. It runs first-out movies and hit movies from Hollywood blockbusters, independent films and international pictures. The movies shown here are about 8 to 12 months after their theatrical release.

Each of these channels provide entertainment to all and sundry on the go. Starz also offers some other services below:

  • The Starz HD
  • Starz On Demand
  • The StarzPlay
  • Starz app and subscription service
  • Starz on Amazon video

The Starz app is one of the many ways to open Starz and also watch your favourite Starz show in

This is very easy; all you have to do is to just activate Starz on your favourite mobile device or computer system.

You can do the activation using and start enjoying the shows. You can use several apps:

  • like all the Smartphone,
  • Roku devices,
  • most of the available Smart TVs,
  • Xbox,
  • PlayStation
  • and Apple TV. remains one of the most popular apps for streaming TV shows. Check below for helpful information on how to activate Starz on various apps.

starz activate your device


Activate Starz on Roku

Follow the steps below:

  • Sign in fist into the Roku device
  • Next, launch the Starz channel or app
  • Sign into the Starz app using your email address and password.
  • Next, visit to activate it.
  • Then enter the activation code on the Roku TV screen in the box provided.


Activate Starz on Apple TV in

Follow the steps highlighted below to activate it:

  1. If you want to activate Starz on Apple TV, first of all, visit
  2. And then do the same thing you would do with a Smart TV.
  3. Then input the code in the provided input box as usual
  4. Next, download the Fox Sports Go app on Apple TV.
  5. Then log in using your Fox Sports Go credentials. You can also use Cable Provider if you need it.
  6. Next, visit
  7. Following that, input the activation code on the Apple TV screen and then click on Submit.


How to activate Starz on PlayStation

You must bear in mind that Starz is not available yet for PS4. If the device you are using doesn't have support.

You can install the Starz app on your iOS device. Be it iPad and iPhone or you can use your Android device. Be it Google, Sony, Samsung, etc.




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