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Android is already the world’s most used operating system


The Google platform Android surpasses for the first time in history to Windows, indicating the power of the mobile in front of the PC.


Steve Jobs anticipated with proverbial precision what was going to happen: PCs would be outdated by mobile devices, and this step would not have backtracking. The term used to describe this situation was the famous "post-PC era" and was yesterday, for the first time, when the new was confirmed: more Android devices are being used in the world than Windows computers. The advance is narrow, as Android has reached the figure of 37.93% of users compared to the platform of Microsoft, which remains at 37.91%, according to StatCounter data. However, beyond the numbers, what really clarifies is checking the trends: Windows maintains a sustained drop since 2011, while Android does not stop users gain.



Why is this phenomenon occurring? Is it the end of computers? This reflection was already raised by Apple co-founder, who in an interview with AllthingsD equated computers with trucks, and mobile devices, with cars: "Before, everyone used trucks to All but the evolution of the cars made them more popular.I think PCs will be like trucks: they will still be there but used only by a limited number of users. " The entrepreneurial visionary realized that mobile devices would be more personal and computers, though necessary, would become a common element used by several people.


Actually, we can not live without the cell phone, but we can not say the same thing about a computer. And this fact is clearly reflected in sales. But the growth of mobile platforms in the number of users is far from seeing its end: the spectacular overtaking has its justification also in the growth of economies in certain Asian countries that have huge markets and are hugging the Android platform en masse. The same happens on iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, and this peculiar overtaking took place quite before. As a benchmark, iPhone and iPad users have up to three times more Internet activity than those using home computers.
Windows maintains a sustained drop since 2011, while Android does not stop winning users
In this context is not surprising the decision of Samsung to present the DeX, an accessory of the brand new Galaxy S8 that makes it, in fact, a desktop computer. Is this really the future of devices? Apple already presents its iPad Pro in a new ad campaign as the real alternative to notebooks, but the truth is that dependence on desktop computers seems to remain present. As for the figures, trends point to that Android will continue to increase the number of active users and Windows will maintain its fall to the same extent as to date. On the other hand, overtaking marks the loss of Microsoft's hegemony in the world of computers, already understood in a broader way. What are, if not, mobile devices?


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