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CCleaner review – Download Free Lastest Version official site tutorial


In this article we will see:

  • What is Ccleaner, is it safe, is it good?
  • What does it do.
  • Tutorials about How to use it.
  • How to Download Ccleaner portable in for free lastest version for windows (all versions including windows 10) and MAC
  •  Alternatives bleachbit


What is CCleaner

CCleaner is a software tool that allows you to optimize and clean Windows operating system. You can download it from

ccleaner website

What does it do?

These are some capabilities that this software do:

  • Clean history, cookies and temporary files.
  • Optimize windows startup.
  • Recover disk space


How to use Ccleaner free tutorial

The objective of this tutorial is to show the functionalities of this tool.

The tutorial sections are Clean, Optimize and recover

Clean the PC WITH CCLEANER tutorial Clear History, Cookies, Temporary Files

CCleaner will allow you to delete the histories and cookies of browsers, Windows records, trash, etc. For it:

  1. Click on "Cleaner." You can select that you want to clean or leave the default ones.
  2. Click on "Analyze." The files that will be deleted appear in the window.
  3. Click on “Run the cleaner”

Clean every time the PC starts

CCleaner can do the cleaning when the PC starts up, if you wish.

  1. Go to «Options> Settings»
  2. Mark «Clean automatically when the computer starts up»
  3. clean pc 1


Remove free space tutorial

  1. Go to «Options> Settings»
  2. Check the “Secure file deletion (Slow) box and select the one you want (the more passes the cleaner it is left)
  3. Select the disks where it will be erased
  4. Mark «Clean the free space MFT»
  5. Go to «Cleaner> Windows> Advanced»
  6. Mark «Clear free space»
  7. Click on "Analyze."
  8. Then in «Run the cleaner». Start cleaning (it may take time to clean)
  9. When finished, uncheck "Clear free space."


Optimize Windows tutorial

Clean the registry

CCleaner looks for registry failures, which can slow down the system.

  1. Enter «Registration»
  2. Click on "Search for problems"
  3. Click on "Repair Selected"
  4. A message will appear asking if you want to make a backup, you can do it or not.
  5. If you click Yes, the «Save as» window will appear
  6. Click on "Repair all selected"


Optimize Windows startup

Programs that run at startup can slow down Windows. CCleaner may cause certain programs to not start when Windows starts

  1. Click on "Tools> Start»
  2. Select the programs you want to deactivate
  3. Click on "Disable"


Recover disk space

Uninstall Programs

CCleaner allows you to uninstall programs that take up space and do not want to have.

  1. Go to «Tools> Uninstall programs»
  2. Select the program you wish to uninstall
  3. Click on "Run uninstaller"


Remove system restore points

System restore allows you to recover a previous system configuration, but takes up space.

Ccleaner allows you to delete restore points and thus free up space but does not let you delete the most recent restore point, for security.


  1. Go to «Tools> System Restore».
  2. Select the point to delete
  3. Click on "Remove"


How to download Ccleaner in free standard

You can download free ccleaner from the official website. These are the required steps:

  1. Go to the ccleaner official site free download
  2. Click on Free Download
  3. Select Ccleaner free, the standard version of the software which offers standard security protection and cleaning utilities.
  4. Click on Download.
  5. You will see three versions: free, professional and professional bundle up to 3 PCs.
  6. Select the left option free.
  7. The download will start. You will see a screen similar to the following one.

install ccleaner

  1. Double click on the file ccsetup.exe
  2. Click on yes.
  3. Click on install.

setup ccleaner

Finally, click on run to start using the free version of the program.


I hope you find this tutorial on how to optimize and clean Windows with CCleaner useful.



The free version offers awesome functionalities. Our score is almost 5 out of 5.




Is there a ccleaner for MAC?

Yes, you can download it for free from the official site in

What is the ccleaner portable?

The portable version is not for final users. This version is suitable for advanced users and system admins. You can free download it from


Which version was hacked?

In 2017 was when it was discovered that the version 5.33 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191 were hacked. There was malware inside the version so it is not recommended to use it.

What to do? Don't download this version. If you have it installed you must uninstall it. The hacked version 5.33 must be uninstalled.


Is ccleaner safe now?

This application is 100% safe and recommended. Only avoid downloading the hacked version.


Which are the best free cleaner alternatives?

The best alternative you will find is do it by yourself.

However, you can try this alternative software.

  • Cleaning alternatives:
    • Clean Master Official
    • Wisecleaner
    • CleanMyPC
    • Avast cleanup
  • Optimisation alternatives:
    • System ninja
    • Iolo System Mechanic
    • Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019


Which Windows Component will be cleaned?

CCleaner cleans the following Windows components:

  • Internet Explorer: Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History, recently written URLs, Delete Index.dat files, location last downloads and autocomplete history.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Internet Cache, Cookies, Download History, Internet History and Saved Form Information.
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Recycle Bin
  • Clipboard
  • Windows temporary files
  • Windows log files
  • Recent documents (in the Start menu)
  • Run the story (in the Start menu)
  • Windows XP history search assistant
  • Windows XP Prefetch old data
  • Windows memory dumps after accidents
  • The chkdsk file fragments
  • The Microsoft Office 2010 and newer version archives

In addition, advanced options allow cleaning of:

  • Cache Order Menu
  • Cache Notifications Tray
  • Window size and cache location
  • Help the user story
  • IIS log files
  • Custom folders
  • Application cleaning: As well as cleaning old files and settings left by standard Windows components. CCleaner also cleans temporary files and recent file lists of many applications. It includes:
    • Firefox,
    • Opera,
    • Safari,
    • Media Player,
    • Google Toolbar,
    • Netscape,
    • Microsoft Office,
    • Nero,
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader,
    • WinRAR,
    • WinAce,
    • WinZip,
    • Windows Live Messenger,
    • Google Earth,
    • Adobe Photoshop,
    • Adobe Illustrator.


What is the registry cleaning?

CCleaner uses an advanced registry cleaner to see if there are problems and inconsistencies. You can check the following:

  • Missing Shared DLLs
  • Invalid File Extensions
  • ActiveX and Class Entries
  • Type of Bookstores
  • Applications
  • Sources
  • Application paths
  • Help Files
  • Installer
  • Obsolete programs
  • Startup Execution
  • Start menu classification
  • MUI cache


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