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How to Delete history on Safari on Iphone and MAC – Search and Browsing Data

In this article we will show you how to delete your history in safari browser, on iphone and MAC


How to delete History on Safari


Your Safari browser comes with the feature of logging your web browsing tracks as you surf the web.

This log is stored in the “history” section of your browser. It provides direct link to the websites that you have visited in a given time frame and the searches. It can also be dated all the way back to the first time you used Safari.

This is a useful feature, however sometimes it’s more important to erase your tracks and activity from your web browser for safety and privacy reasons. Or just to save disk storage of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Clearing your history from this web browser can be done in two simple steps. But make sure you have the latest version of safari installed. Let’s see how it is done.

  1. Open your latest version of the Safari browser.
  2. Click on the “Edit” tab.
  3. You will see a tab like the one shown in the following image with some options activated.
  4. Hover your mouse down to the option “Reset Safari”.

reset safari

  1. The Reset Safari window will open asking you if you are sure you want to reset your Safari browser.
  2. From the items provided, click on all the data which you wish to delete, be careful reading all the options.
  3. To erase only your surf historical data, check the “clear history” box and uncheck all other boxes.
  4. Finally, click on the “reset” button at the bottom to end the process.

reset safary options

To check if it has been successfully cleared, re-visit your “history” section to make sure all items are removed. It should look like this:

safari bookmarks

How do I recover delete safari history on Iphone

We will see two options.

With Iphone's settings

  1. In your Iphone tap on Settings app.
  2. Now tap on Safari
  3. Then, tap on Advanced
  4. Finally tap on website data.
  5. Deleted browser activity and searches should be here.


With specific software

If you couldn't do it with the previous way you can try this one.

  1. Download fonelab here 
  2. Follow the app instructions to recover browsing and search activity.



Another option to enjoy privacy with your browser is using one new feature of Safari. It gives you the option to open a private browsing window. This does not log you anything while you browse the net to ensure privacy.

This is useful when using public computers or shared computers, especially. However, you may lose some useful websites if you choose this option and if you don’t remember the previous searches.

To start a private browsing window:

  1. Click on the gear icon on the far right of your browser.
  2. A set of options will appear just like the following screen capture, and then select “private browsing”.
  3. This will open a new browser which works exactly like a normal browser except it doesn’t store your web browsing data for all the current session.

private browsing in safari

You can safely exit the private browsing window after your web surfing session without having to worry about clearing the nothing yourself. Nothing will be stored in your computer. No track of your daily activity.

The tutorial is over. Hope the guide will be very useful.

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