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How to Delete Skype Chat History Permanently – Conversation and messages


In this article we will see how to delete skype history permanently, conversations and messages

How many times have we, in a fit of rage, let loose some words typed in a chat window of Skype, only to regret it a few moments later?

There are countless instances in which people have been able to lambast the ones on the other end of the screen through Skype, only to end up regretting the words that they mentioned.

So, if there is any way in which they would end up deleting the conversations, before their chat partner would get to see it, it would actually be a miracle in itself.


How to Delete Skype chat History Permanently

in Windows

Most people do not know about the feature, with which Skype will be able to help the users to get rid of the conversation from their chat.

So, if anybody would like to delete Skype history from the desktop version of the software, all they would have to do is to visit the tools, click on options, and then on privacy and click on the clear history button.

This will do the trick for them, and they would be able to get rid of the problems. If those chats would get into the hands of the wrong people, there is a certain catastrophe waiting to happen.

For the Metro version, the only thing that is to be done is to visit the settings tab, click on options, and then click on the clear history button. The history will be cleared, and one would not have to face any problems or any repercussions about the chat.



If you have the latest version of Skype in your Mac OS X, then you will be able to chat without missing out on the new features and improvements of the software. However, since you may be having problems with deleting your Skype historical data, some methods have been mentioned below for your use.

You can go to the menu bar, and click on preferences.

In that particular window, which opens, you will be able to select the privacy panel.

And that, you can click on it may actually take a few minutes for you to delete the Skype chat. After that, the entire conversation will be deleted.

Although, you need to remember that you cannot delete the entire conversation, but only a part of the conversation that you may have had with a particular contact from Skype.

However, it is very easy for you to remove a conversation. All you need to do is to press control, as well as click on the conversation and select the date conversation tab. When a pop-up window appears, you need to click on the delete button.




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