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Delete Browsing History

In this article we will learn how to delete browsing history in the main internet browsers.

clear browsing data


How to Clear the Internet Browsing History

All the web pages that we visit are saved by default in the browser data that we are using, this is called the browsing history. Let's see how we can eliminate this information easily depending on the browser. These guides are valid from our Android or iPhone mobile as well as Computer, PC, Desktop, laptop and Tablet or Tablet.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome: The browser owned by the google company brought to the market to compete directly with the microsoft explorer. It can be used from Android or from your PC or computer.

See the tutorial here


Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer: The corporate brand browser of Microsoft. One of the first browsers that appeared in the market.

See the tutorial here


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: The new internet browser of Microsoft.

See the tutorial here


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox: flagship free software development. It is one of the most appreciated browsers. It makes a special treatment of saved web browsing data, you can get more information in the link at the end of this page.

See the tutorial here



Opera: The browser of the Apple company. It works better on Apple systems but is compatible for Windows systems.

See the tutorial here



Safari: Of the newest browsers, but with a great reception in the market for its simplicity, usability and speed.

See the tutorial here


Delete all browsing history is important to keep our data private.


If we don't want the browsers to store our activity by default we should use the incognito mode or private mode. We can check here more information about private browsing.