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How to Delete History on Google Chrome

This time we are going to teach you how to delete the history in google chrome.


Remove History from Google Chrome

When you are using the internet, safety while surfing and privacy are two of the most crucial aspects of web browsing for the users. When using web browsers, your activity is logged in a certain part of your web browser for easy access in the future. However, sometimes users wish to keep their surfing history private.

Google chrome makes it easy for you to erase your browsing data in some quick and simple steps. It has a browsing data interface which provides you with the options to remove some information: cookies, history, and cache in specific time intervals. Your browsing stored information includes data in the form of a list, which shows which websites you have visited recently, in the past, and even since the first time you ever used Chrome in the smartphone, tablet or computer.

Also, you can choose to clear history of the files you download using Chrome. But be careful, this will erase these downloads forever. Let’s see how it’s done, through the following step by step guide.

It gives you the option to remove all or some of your historical data after the browsing session. Remember that if your  account is signed in from more than one device, whatever activity you do in one device will affect your  settings on the other devices as well.

Let’s see how to do it.

  1. On the right hand corner of your toolbar on your Chrome Browser, click on the menu icon.
  1. Select Tools.

  1. In the following window, click on “Clear browsing data”.

  1. In the window which appears, check the “Clear browsing history” box (also you will have to select “download history” if you wish to clear your most recent downloads stored data).


  1. Using the top menu, decide on a time frame of which you want to erase the history of. You can choose between given time slots, or choose “the beginning of time”, which we will do for the sake of this example.

  1. Click on “Clear browsing data” at the bottom


Keep in mind that when you choose to clear browsing data (as seen in previous image), certain information will be permanently deleted, including:

  1. Websites stored.
  2. Cached text of your visited pages.
  3. Saved content, such as images which you have opened in new tabs.
  4. Prior IP addresses which have been previously gathered from other pages which you have visited.

That’s it. With these simple steps we have finished this help guide. We hope this tutorial will be useful for you. You can check for more tutorials in the initial page.