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Delete History in Internet Explorer – how to Clear all browsing activity


How to Delete all history on internet explorer 

Every time you surf the web using Internet Explorer. The browser tracks and records your activities online. It includes the sites you visit, searches, passwords, file downloads and all the information you enter in online forms.

This information is logged in the “History” section of your browser. Which you can access to view your recently visited pages during your internet session. Not only today but all time session data is logged and stored.

Moreover, in the case that you wish to secure your browsing privacy. You have the option to clear the stored data in the browser by clearing your search and browsing data. This is more helpful when you’re using a public or shared computer (with friends or family). Such as when you are at the library, your house or your office.

Remember that Internet Explorer will remove the list of all the websites that you have visited. (The entire list or a specified time period, which depends on your choice in the following guide).  Let’s see how we can do it.


How to Clear All Web History in Explorer


  1. First Start your version of Internet Explorer. Click on Open.

open internet explorer

In the menu bar of the browser, click on the option “Tools”. You will see it in the top menu as you can see in the next image.

internet explorer select tools

2. Look at the “Tools” menu, Click on the option “Internet Options”.

select internet options in internet explorer

3. The internet options  window will be on your screen. In the “General Tab”.

4. Go to the second option “browsing history” and click the “Delete” button.

5. This will open another window. See below the mentioned window.

general tab of internet options

delete in internet options

6. There are some options to choose from. Deselect all the boxes and check only “History”. Then click delete.

delete browsing history on exit


How to Erase on Exit

There is another option, that will clear your history automatically every time you exit explorer.

If you want that clear history on internet explorer, select the check “Delete Browsing History on Exit” in the main window (Menu general > Browsing History).

Finally click “ok”.

Be aware selecting this option will not store your historical information ever from now on. You can be losing some useful information of website name difficult to remember. It is not recommended to select the on exit option.

confirm delete button


How to Remove some specific sites

This is the recommended option. Especially if you don’t have a very large list of websites.Or if you want to choose which you want to save and which you want to remove. Let’s see how we can do it:

  1. Open your IE browser.
  2. Select Favorites.
  3. Select the option History.
  4. Here you will be viewing all tracked records. You can filter it by date, by site and by Most Visited or by Order Visited Today .
  5. To delete from the list just single websites. You will have to click (right click) the site from and click on “delete”.


The guide is over. Happy browsing safe and clean.

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