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How to Delete Messages on Groupme


Groupme is a text message application. We will see the most common questions about deleting, hiding and unhiding messages, chats and history.


How to Delete Groupme messages

Deleted Messages on Groupme will be hidden but they cannot be deleted. Note that changes are visible only in your device not others. Let's see how to hide, unhide and clear messages and chats.


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I want to hide a Message

  • First we select a Chat.
  • We look for the message and then we touch on it or right click.
  • Select the option Hide Message.


I want to unhide a Message

  • Look for the personal avatar.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Unhide hidden messages.


How to hide a chat

  • Select and hold the chat
  • Select the Hide Icon.


I want to unhide a Chat

If a Chat disappears maybe it is hidden. You should unhide it:

  • Go to Main Menu
  • Tap Archive
  • You will see all your chats
  • Select specific chat and then click on Unhide.


Clear GroupMe Chat history

  • Select a Chat you want to remove.
  • Select the Avatar and then Settings.
  • Select option Clear Chat history.


How to Delete Groupme Account 


This guide is valid for PC, Android, Ipad, Iphone and MAC.

1. Open GroupMe
2. On the top left of the screen, click on your profile picture.
3. Click on Delete GroupMe Account.
4. Then Click on Continue.
5. You will have to type your password now.
6. Click on Continue.


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Groupme Characteristics

WhatsApp is right now the king of instant messaging between smartphones, even though it is not exactly the perfect service. This hegemony has made many companies try to take away the job offering a more complete and efficient service.

One of those competitors is GroupMe, an instant messaging client compatible with the main mobile operating systems, including Android of course, which brings us a few very interesting options that will make us wonder if we continue to use WhatsApp and company.

The main asset of GroupMe is, as its name suggests, the possibility of creating contact groups and making massive talks. Nothing new you will think much, since WhatsApp also allows it. However, in addition to being able to send text messages and files we can share our position and make free group calls by calling a telephone number that is generated for each group.

In addition to the groups we can have individual conversations, which in many cases is usually the usual. Integration with contacts in our calendar works perfectly, just like in other instant messaging clients. The interface of the application for its part is very well designed and browsing through the different menus and options is very intuitive.

So far everything is perfect: it has all the ingredients to succeed in the first place but it needs something to dispute WhatsApp's position: users. For the application to make sense we need our contacts to also use GroupMe. In his favor: he has a client for the main mobile operating systems but as you know, we are animals of customs and we only have to see everything that the reign of Messenger has lasted as a reference messaging client.



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