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How to Delete Photos from Iphone

The iPhone has a major disadvantage for all of its users and it is that they don’t have a physical space for a MicroSD memory like Samsung devices for example. This option for extra space helps to support the most valuable images of your smartphone. So, as you probably know, we must learn to manage the free space we have left, especially for iPhone that only have 16GB of capacity.


We want to help you to solve this problem. That's why today we have made a list with the different options you got to remove the photos from your device. However, before starting, we want to recommend you to send all the photos on your gallery to the cloud or pass them to your computer, on this way you will keep the memories.

Let's see how to delete photos from Iphone and Itunes.


How to delete photos from iPhone


If you are having difficulties to delete any picture from your iPhone, you should know that only the pictures that were taken with the camera of your smartphone or that were downloaded from the mail can be deleted directly from the photo gallery. But the images that have been transferred from iTunes must be deleted from the folder where they are stored in the computer and then synchronize it.

1.- Open the Photos folder and then select the Album where the pictures you want to delete are.

2.-  Tap the Edit option. This one is located up in the right corner.



3.- Next, push a few seconds one photo and mass select all the photos you want to delete.

4.- Once you do this a red check will appear with all the pictures selected on the background and, finally, you will have to press the Delete Selected Photos button.


Delete photos from iTunes


To delete the photos that were transferred from iTunes do this:

1.- First, look up for the photo you want to delete from your iPhone.

2.- Move the picture to another folder and while doing this, connect the device to the computer with the USB cable.

3.- Next, open and run iTunes and click on iPhone there in the section named Devices or on the left corner at the top.

4.- Then, you will have to check the box to synchronize photos and select your hard drive where the photos you want to delete are.

5.- Finally, you will have to select the button to synchronize your device again and done!


You must eliminate all the pictures from all the albums. Also the structure of every image of the application Photos are based on the album with the same name, for the storage and subsequent organization in Albums, Streaming, etc. This is why it is basic to understand that where we have to erase it is in Photos.

Every picture won’t disappear immediately, the deleted image will remain in the "Recently deleted" folder, located in Albums. It needs 30 days until it disappears completely, which is why we will have to delete it there as well.

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