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How do i Know whether to Trust a Website on Microsoft Edge

How do I Know whether to Trust a Website on Microsoft Edge?

A new entrant is in the internet browsing is Microsoft Edge and it is making waves in the internet world today. Also, trust is something very important on the internet.

With the entrance of the Microsoft Edge also comes the question of whether or not one can trust any website on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is available to internet browsers using Windows 10 operating system. This internet browser comes with a lot of improvement and makes internet browsing a lot more interesting. Also you will use it to know how to trust websites.

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Microsoft Edge is the new default browser on Windows 10. While Chrome, Opera, Firefox and any other internet browser may be boring to use, Microsoft Edge will add more fun to internet browsing on Windows 10.

Everything you can ever desire in an internet browser is available on Microsoft Edge. In this write-up, we will open your eyes to how you can find out if the website you visit on Microsoft Edge is reliable or not. It is based on trust signs.

How do I Know whether to Trust a Website on Microsoft Edge?

This guide will help with trust. Know how to detect if the website is free of malware and secure. If it is secure you can trust it.

Check for the lock icon

lock icon

The first trust sign is the lock icon.

You have to know that one of the features that can determine if a website is safe is the lock icon. If you see the lock icon showing green on the address bar of the website in question, it is an indication that the website is safe to visit. The green lock icon indicates that the information you are sending on that website is encrypted. As a result, no unauthorized person will be able to access that information. Know that a website that has that icon has a digital certificate and that proves the real owner of the website.


Virtually all reliable websites take this step when verifying their websites. The lock icon is an indication that you are visiting the original website and not some dummy website.

This way, your details will not be exposed to hackers who may want to use phishing to obtain your information. It is not enough to see the lock icon in the address bar; you must also find out if the lock icon is in the locked state and also showing green.

A grey lock icon may indicate that the website is authentic and encrypted, but a green lock icon indicates a higher standard of encryption. It shows that the website is using an Extended Validation (EV) certificate and this needs a more accurate identity confirmation process. Below is a summary of the benefits of a green lock icon:

A green lock icon indicates that:

  • The information you send or receive from that website is secure and encrypted. As a result, an unauthorized person will never be able to access the information. You can trust the site.
  • The website you are visiting is verified and this shows that the company or outlet that runs or owns that website has a certificate to prove its ownership of the website. You can even click on the green lock icon to get information about the owner of the website, as well as the company or person that verified it.


The https is another trust indicator for a website.

Https indicates that the website you are visiting on Microsoft Edge is secure. While many websites carry the http address, it is better to go only for websites that have the https address since this confers more trust, security and make the website reliable. You should always bear this in mind when visiting any of the websites on Microsoft Edge. If that website requires that you log in, you must never login on that website if it does not have the https address and the lock icon.

Security assurance

Microsoft Edge contains websites that are especially secure. If any website is not secure, Microsoft Edge will warn you about that website before you visit. Consequently, Microsoft Edge is built to ensure security. The warning also ensures that you will never get it wrong when you use this browser. This unique feature makes Microsoft Edge be far ahead of Internet Explorer also owned by Microsoft. The many security updates on Microsoft Edge make it the perfect internet browser for the modern world, aside from also promoting the security of internet surfers.


Operating in a sandbox is a security term for executing software or a program in a contained environment, which prevents the software from affecting any other program that may be running concurrently on the device. That contained environment in which the program runs is called a Sandbox.

In the case of Internet Explorer, the browser was built into Microsoft Windows. Consequently, corruption of the internet explorer can lead to the corruption of the entire computer. Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, is a universal app and runs constantly in a partial sandbox. As a result, Microsoft Edge can offer better security than any other browser, including Internet Explorer. Even if Microsoft Edge gets corrupted, the computer will never be negatively affected.

Deactivation of offensive extensions

A browser extension makes surfing the internet a lot more interesting and flexible. Some wrongdoers, however, use the programs to access your computer. Such extensions are Offensive extensions; examples are VB Scripts and ActiveX. Such extensions can create confects and are very dangerous.

They are, therefore, not supported by Microsoft Edge. Instead, Microsoft Edge creates its own extension-based model to enhance flexibility. Furthermore, the browser makes available far richer web surfing experience and removes the concerns about security issues. On Microsoft Edge, therefore, you will never have to worry about how trustworthy a website is.

Trust Conclusion

Microsoft Edge will tell you if that website can be trusted or not. If this internet browser tells you that a website is trustworthy, you can take it to the bank. As stated earlier, the green lock icon opens your eyes to the trust and reliability or lack thereof of that particular website. If that website is not safe, Microsoft Edge will warn you against it. You can trust it.

It is also in your best interest to abide by whatever this Windows 10 default browser tells you about the browser in question. When it tells you not to trust and visit a website, you should avoid visiting the website since such an action can compromise your online security. Microsoft Edge is not just to connect you to the World Wide Web. But to also ensure your utmost security while browsing the internet.

More information on trust in the official page of Microsoft Edge:


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