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How to Delete a Blank Page in a Word Document


How to Delete a Blank Page in Microsoft Word

Sometimes you may come across a problem that might seem a little silly. But trying to solve it in the most "logical" way might end up giving you a headache.

It is simply a matter of removing a blank page. Specifically in Word 2016 of the suite Microsoft Office 2016. Either in the middle or at the end of the document. If it's something you are going to print, you could just select the visible pages. But if the document is necessary for other purposes, such as sending it digitally or exporting it to PDF. You will want to delete this page and it will be a bit frustrating not to be able to do it.

Here are the detailed options on how to solve this problem.


Basic solutions to remove a blank page Microsoft Word 2016

  • Although it may seem obvious, we will start with the most basic option, and this involves positioning you at the bottom of the page you want to delete.

Bear in mind that you can view the write pointer at the end of the page. When you are already in the position as if you were going to type.

Press the Backspace key on your keyboard, until you succeed in eliminating all the unnecessary line breaks, and therefore the page you want to delete.

word blank page word page with text

  • In the top bar, click on the View tab. In which you will find a deactivated box called Navigation Panel.
  • Activate it.

When you do this, the panel will appear to the left of your Word 2016. It allows you to know 3 aspects of your document: Titles, Pages and Results.

  • Click on the Pages option and you will immediately see all the pages in your document.
  • Scroll through them until you find the page you want to delete.
  • Click on it.
  • Then hold down the Delete key on your keyboard for 2 or 3 seconds. And you will have deleted the page completely.

select blank page in microsoft word

  • Check your sections.

It's  important that you do not forget to check your sections.

  • For this in the top bar go to the Layout option.
  • And then to the Margins option.
  • From this one a panel will be displayed that at the end contains the Custom Margins option.
  • When clicking on it a new window will open, it will contain 2 main tabs:
  • Margins and Layout, click on the Layout tab. In the drop-down menu that refers to the Section. Make sure that the New page option is activated, otherwise.
  • Select it and make click on Accept.



new page in microsoft word new page options in microsoft word header of new page microsoft word


Checks with paragraph signs

  • Some things on your page may not be fully visible. So you may not know what you are trying to remove or if you are doing it incorrectly. So use the ¶ paragraph marks to determine them.

These marks allow you to see where there are any blank space in your paragraph. If you notice anything that refers to an empty space on the page you want to delete. You can probably erase your unnecessary blank page by simply

erase a blank page erase a page with text

If the blank page is in a central part of your document. It may be due to a manual page break. If you keep the paragraph marks on, you can see where the page break is, select it and delete it.


Tables can be the problem.

  • In some cases if you have placed a table at the end of your document. Word will probably automatically add an additional line break. Which ends up becoming a new page. Considering that your table was created to the bottom edge of your last page.

Although you will not be able to delete this new paragraph that has been created by default. You can make it so small that it does not generate a new paragraph

Simply with the paragraph option enabled. You can make a change to the size of the paragraph to 1 point. And it will be deleted to the previous page solving your problem.

a page with a table

  • If you still see a paragraph mark and a blank page after that. Change the space around it as well.
  • Just go back to the Paragraph symbol. Click on it and on the symbol created at the end of your document.
  • Use the right-click and click on the Paragraph option.

In the new dialog box on the Indent and Spacing tab. View the spacing options and set both the options before and after the paragraph to 0 (zero). As well as the Line Spacing to 0 (zero) and click OK.


line spacing microsoft word


  • If these last two options do not work. You can hide the paragraph by following these steps.
  • Select the paragraph symbol and run the dialog box by right-clicking on the paragraph symbol.
  • Go to the source option.
  • In the new dialog box in the effects section, select the Hidden check box.
  • Then press OK.


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