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How to Delete Uber Eats Account

Just like many other online food delivery platforms, Uber Eats is one of the famous food delivery providers. No matter where you are, it delivers the food for you, from your favorite restaurants in no time. The Uber Eat app is much handy, as it allows you to choose from wide an extent of restaurants and foods. It gives you open choice to have your food anywhere at any-time.

It is the need of the time to keep the apps of best services, like Uber taxi for traveling, or Uber Eats for ordering food at no time. Since these apps use space of your mobile so, you consider it best to delete those apps. It also depends on the people’s preference that how frequently they order the online food delivery. For such people, it is best option to delete the apps. There are 2 procedures to delete UberEats account which are:

  1.    Delete UberEats Account from the App.
  2.    Delete the UberEats Account from the Web.

Let's learn both the ways.


Delete UberEats Account from the App

  1. Open the UberEats app from your mobile which of course has the following logo.

uber cancel account

  1. Then locate and tap the user icon, which is at the right-hand side, at the lower corner of the screen.

  1. Now you will be directed to another screen with various options. Here you have to tap for the

‘help’ option.

  1. On the next screen go for the “Account and Payment Option”.

  1. Now you will have three options which include:
  • Account Settings
  • Payment
  • Promotions and Referrals

So in this, you have to select the first option which marks “Account Setting”.


  1. After this, you will be on the screen displaying numerous options. Here you can locate “Delete my UberEats Account”. You only have to pick this option.

  1. When you tap for it, then a new web page will open up. Here you have to tap for “Delete my Uber account” option. Now your process is complete, and your account will be deactivated. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

Method for deleting UberEats Account from the Web

Deleting the UberEats account from the web method is much simpler. Here is the step by step guide to it.

  • First of all, open UberEats website.
  • Now login to your existing account by filling in the username and password information.
  • Choose the “Deleted my Uber Eats account” from the options.
  • Write the cause for why you are deleting this account.
  • The final step is that you will get a confirmation e-mail, provided by the de-activation of your Uber account.

Still, you are on the 30 days trial after the de-activation of your account, that if you may change your mind and want to reclaim your account. After the time of 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted, and you cannot retrieve it. As for account information, UberEAts has some laws to keep the deleted accounts information in the records.

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