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How to Clear Opera Browser History – Delete Browsing Activity

In this article we will show you how to clear the history in Opera browser.


Clear Opera Browser History

When using Opera to browse the net, you’re provided with unique features to make your browsing experience interesting and easy.

However, like other browsers, it comes with the feature of storing certain elements of your internet use in its browser, including cookies, cache, browsing data, and downloads or form information just to mention a few.

Sometimes internet users prefer that their private browsing data remain private. Opera provides you the option of deleting your browsing history in quick and easy steps to ensure that your privacy is not violated and your searches and session data is kep safe.

To delete your history from your Opera web browser, follow these quick and easy step by step guide.


First of all, you will have to make sure that you have the latest version of Opera browser installed on your PC (version 10 or higher will be fine). This tutorial is not suitable for older versions.

Open your Browser, you will see a window like the following. (This is a screen of the version 10. It may be different if you have a higher version installed).

welcome to opera


At the top of your menu. You will see the main menu option “tools”. Select it and hover your mouse down to the option “Delete private data”. Click on it.

 opera delete private data

It will appear a dialog box (See next image) that appears, select the check “Detailed Options and click on Delete.

 opera delete private data detailed options

Another box will appear which will provide you with a list of options.

To delete your browsing history, select the box next to “clear history of visited pages” and “clear history of downloads” if you wish to remove the details of what you have downloaded (this will not delete anything stored on your PC only the temporary files).

You will see also another options to clear the cache, cookies and more.

check delete private data options in opera


The very last box entitled “close all tabs” will be checked. You can choose to deselect this option if you do not wish to close your active tabs.

close all tabs opera


Finally click the “Delete” button at the bottom to end the process.


The next time you use a public computer or even your personal computer but wish to maintain your privacy safe, you can choose the option of not having Opera store your web browsing history at all right from the start.

You can do this by choosing to run a private web surfing session by opening a private window.

Simply go to the main menu and select the option “new private window”. You can exit the window safely after your session without having to worry about removing your browsing data manually. Nothing will be stored of that private session.


opera new private window

The tutorial is over. Hope it will be useful.

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