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Maxthon (MyIE2) and Internet Explorer share some Internet history information (save it in the same places). So, if you delete history tracks for Maxthon, these Internet history tracks are cleaned for both Internet Explorer and Maxthon (MyIE2). (See algo delete the history).


How to delete Maxthon (MyIE2) history tracks:


Delete address bar history in Maxthon (MyIE2):

Select Tools, open Browser History and select the Delete Browsing History option.

Click the 'Delete' button.


Delete address bar history automatically on browser close:

Select Tools and open Browser History.

Select the Delete browser history automatically option and click OK.


How to delete AutoComplete in Maxthon (MyIE2):

Open the Tools menu and then select Browser History.

Check the Delete Browsing History option and click Delete.

To delete the AutoComplete history automatically, select the Delete browser history automatically option and click OK.


How to delete search history in Maxthon (MyIE2):

Open Tools and select Browser History.

Then check the Delete Browsing History option and click the Delete button.

To delete search history automatically, select the Delete browser history automatically option.


How to delete Temporary Internet Files in Maxthon (MyIE2):

Open the Browser History window and check the Delete Temporary Internet Files option.

Then click Delete.

To selete Temporary Internet Files automatically when you close your browser, select the Delete browser history automatically option.


How to delete cookies in Maxthon (MyIE2):

Open the Tools menu and select Browser History.

Then check the Delete cookies option and click the Delete button.

If you select the Delete selected browser history automatically option, Maxthon will delete cookies every time you close it.


As you download files and apps from the Internet, your app store and your browser stores information about all files you downloaded. Download history stored by your browser can seriously compromise your security and privacy, as anyone who has access to your computer can see what files you have downloaded. To protect your privacy you should delete all downloaded files.



How to Delete Download History


App Store

  1. Go to Itunes App
  2. Click on store Icon (Left side of Menu),
  3. Click on Purchased Icon (Right side of yur screen)
  4. Clic on Apps
  5. Click on All
  6. Hover pointer over and click on the Black X. This is it, all your apps will be hidden.



How to clear Download History on Android Phone and Tablet

  1. Open Downloads app downloads.
  2. For each File you want to delete touch and hold it.
  3. Tap Delete


Google Play


Google Play is an exclusive Android platform created by Google. From here we can download the different applications for Android. Apart from this it serves to make many of the applications of our device work correctly and that is why it is installed in the default phones.

This platform makes available to the user thousands of applications of services, games, related to communication, buying and selling, image and video editing, health and welfare, social networks, banking, news, news and a very long etcetera, helping the user to find solutions in a simple way to the problems that may arise in the moment and to a single click; in a fast, simple and effective way.

All the applications that we download from this platform are stored in a search history by default on our device, but it is possible that for reasons of privacy and security you prefer that this content is not saved.

How to delete list of downloads of the App Android Play Store


Step 1

Open the Play Store app from your phone and tap the Hamburguer icon, represented by three vertical lines on the top left
Step 2

Select the My apps and games option
Step 3

Once inside at the top of three tabs, enter the last one called Collection. In this will appear all the applications that were once installed on your device and gives you the option to reinstall or delete them in the X. It will be as easy as pressing the X in each of them and will disappear one by one of the tab collection. Press accept and it will be done.
In this simple way and following these indications you will be able to completely erase the search and downloads history in your Play Store


Internet Explorer

  1. Open the Tools menu.
  2. Select Delete Browsing History or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and select Download history.
  3. Click the 'Delete' button.
  4. To delete download history automatically, select Internet Options and check Delete browsing history on exit.



  1. Open the Tools menu and select History.
  2. Select Clear Recent History, open Details and select Browsing and Download history.
  3. Click Clear Now.



Select Tools, then check Clear Browsing history and click Delete All.



Select Tools, then check Clear Browsing history automatically and click OK.



  1. Open Safari.
  2. Menu Window.
  3. Select Downloads.
  4. Click on the ones you want to remove or clear all.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Click on Edit then Preferences.
  3. Go to General tab.
  4. In the section Remove download list items choose and select "When Safari quits" or "Upon Succesful Download".



  1. Open Opera.
  2. Go to Menu.
  3. Select Downloads.
  4. Remove items individually or select clear all.


How to clear downloads on MAC

To delete all the download log of your MAC type:

  • sqlite3 ~/Library/Preferences/* 'delete from LSQuarantineEvent'



How to Delete Cookies on My Computer

What are cookies on your computer hard drive?

A cookie is a piece of data which often includes an unique identifier, that is sent to your browser from a web site you visit, stores as a file on your computer, identifies you as a unique user and track your web usage. They can do everything from monitoring your visit throughout web sites, tracking how many times you've visited the site, how long you've been on the site, your log-in information at a particular page to remembering important information about your computer. They are stored in your hard drive.


Why should I remove them?

Most of them are useful in web surfing. Some ("session cookies") last only until you close your browser. This type of cookie is mainly used to remember choices that you make as you navigate through a web site.
Many sites leave them on your computer so that they recognize you when you return to their sites. These ("persistent cookie") identify you so that options and preferences that you have chosen in the past are used for your current visit to the site.

But in one of their malevolent forms, the ones from one web site might track your visits to a different web site. For example, most of the ads that you see on web sites do not come from the site that you are viewing, but from sites that provide ads to many sites. When the advertising site displays the ad, it can send them on your computer. This lets the advertising company track your web usage over a range of sites and profile your browsing habits.
They can compromise your privacy as they can store sensitive information like your name and password on protected login pages, preferences, account information and choices you have made on the site. So, even if you clean browser history, these files like a map will show your surfing preferences, habits, passwords, etc. Even if they don't contain such information they clearly show that you visited the sites from which they came.


We will see how to check and remove it for a site or to clear all of them.


Clear a Cookie Internet Explorer Windows 7 and Windows 10

Internet Explorer 8.0

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select Delete browsing history.
  3. Select the Cookies check box.
  4. Click the Delete button.

Internet Explorer 7.0

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Open the General tab.
  4. Under Browsing history click the Delete button.
  5. Click the Delete cookies button and then click Yes.
  6. Click Close and then click OK.


Internet Explorer 6.x/5.x

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Open the General tab.
  4. Click the Delete cookies button.
  5. Click OK.


How to Delete Cookies Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click More. Settings
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click Content Settings
  5. Click Cookies
  6. Click Remote All
  7. Confirm clicking Clear all


How to remove cookies in Firefox

Firefox 3.0
Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Clear Private Data'.
Select 'Cookies' and click 'Clear Private Data now'.

Firefox 2.x

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. Under Private area click Clear Now.
  5. Select 'Cookies' and click 'Clear Private Data now'.
  6. Click OK.


Clear a Cookie in Safari and MAC

Open Safari in your PC or MAC

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Security.
  4. Click Show Cookies.
  5. Select the cookies and click Remove. If you want to delete all cookies, click 'Remove All'.


Erase a Cookie in MSN Explorer

For MSN Explorer select Tools and then select Browser History.

Select Delete cookies.

Click Delete All.


For MSN Explorer select Tools and then select Browser History.

  1. Select Delete cookies.
  2. Select the Delete cookies automatically and click OK.