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View and Delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge


View and Delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge like all the main internet browsers records by default our browsing history. it includes the sites that you visited, the form data and your downloaded files.

All this information is the track of our activity and can be useful to remember previous visited pages.

But specially when we share a device: PC, computer, laptop or mobile, it is important to keep our privacy data safe and away from others.

In Microsoft Edge is very easy to view, manage and delete our history and activity.

microsoft edge icon

There are the steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge Browser.
  2. Click on the menu button (see following image for detail).

edge search bar

  1. Then we will click on the clock icon (see image)

view microsoft edge history

  1. Then, a menu will open with all our last individual edge browser history. We can view the history last hour visited websites and older.
  2. To delete all browsing history we will select option Clear all history.
  3. Once clicked we can find in the new window with a button. There we can choose what is to be deleted from this history to be of our liking and not end with some data that is important to us.
  4. Once we click on the button, we can see all the categories of information that can be deleted from the browser. Among those that we find the complete browsing history, the cookies and saved data, the data and files in cache, the tabs that have been reserved recently closed.


They can also be deleted, although they are not selected by default, download history, form data, passwords and so on up to ten different parameters that Microsoft collects from our Edge activity.


As you can see it's quite easy to erase the history. And especially customisable, thanks to the erase options that this offers us at all times. In this way we will always feel safe after navigating. Being able to activate even in the same screen the automatic deletion of all the information after having closed the Edge browser.


If we want to open a private browser window that will not store our activity by default we can use the option New InPrivate Window.


We have see how to view and delete browsing history in Microsoft edge

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