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Delete All History – How to Clear All Internet Activity from Computer and Mobile


Google and other applications, and browsers knows everything about us, what functions we have done from our browser and applications, where we have been, what we have consulted, what we have read, how long we have been in each site, what time, when we connect and disconnect. This is called the History. We will how to view and Delete History in the main internet web browsers and applications.


Delete Browsing History


A good internet browser should allow you to remove your browsing data all at once. A lot of internet browsers are available today, and each of them has its specific measure of flexibility when it comes to clear all data. Be that as it may, each of them makes provision for clearing or deleting browsing data.
Some browsers allow you to browse incognito, which means they will not store your visited pages while you are surfing the internet; not all internet browsers have this feature though. The method to be followed for deleting differs from one type of internet browser to another. Be that as it may, the method seems similar for both the mobile and desktop versions of these browsers; there may be one or two changes here and there.

Continue reading to find out how you can erase your browsing data on the major internet browsers available today.


Internet Explorer

  1. From the Menu, click on the Favourite button
  2. Next, click on the activity tab, then choose how you want to view by choosing Filter from the Menu. The list of sites will then be presented to you
  3. You can then right-select any of the sites you want to remove if you prefer to remove just some individual items.
  4. Afterward, click on Erase option
  5. If you are having Internet Explorer 10 or 11, click on the Tool button, then click on Safety,
  6. In Internet Explorer 9, click on Tools, then on Internet Options,
  7. If you are browsing with Internet Explorer 8, on the other hand, click on the Safety menu.

Also, you can set Internet Explorer to erase automatically each time you close the browser.  This can be done via the steps below:

  1. Click on on Exit
  2. Then click on the box against to confirm.

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  1. Click on Hub
  2. Then select Activity
  3. Next, select Clear all 
  4. Then, select the particular type of data to get rid of. Afterward, press Erase.

Are you using Cortana and want to remove data stored in the cloud?

  1. Then click on Change what Microsoft Edge knows about me in the cloud.
  2. Next, click on Clear browsing 

After this, the URL of the websites you have visited will be erased, along with the time and date in which you visited those sites. If you want, it can also delete your download activity. The steps described above can also be used to erase your form data, passwords, media licenses, pop-up exceptions, cached data and files, cookies and saved website data, etc.



  1. First of all, visit the activity panel on the browser.
  2. Then click on Clear browsing, which can be found on that panel
  3. Next, click on Ok for confirmation

The steps above will clear the entire browsing data. To clear specific items on your browsing activity, follow the steps below

  1. Click on the Menu button. This can be located on the top-right or below the browsing screen on some devices
  2. Then, click on Settings. At times, you may need to click on More first.
  3. Afterward, click on Privacy, then Clear now.
  4. Next, you can mark the box against any of the items you want to clear off.
  5. Afterward, click on Clear data.

Aside from the methods described above, you can also erase items from Mozilla automatically

Follow the steps below to do that

  1. Click on the Menu button; remember that it can be located at the top-right or lower part of the browser, depending on your device type.
  2. Next, click on Settings, which may require that you click on More first.
  3. Then, click on Privacy. Next, check the box next to "Always clear when quitting."
  4. A pop-up box will show up, in which you can select the particular type of data or information you would like to get removed each time you close your browser.
  5. Next, select Set. This way, Mozilla Firefox will erase your selected browsing data each time you close the browser.

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Open the browser and click on Menu  from the main window

  1. Then, click on Tools, and next Historical Data
  2. Next, a window will open; click again
  3. Next, select Clear
  4. A window will pop-up containing information warning you that you are about to clear your browsing data; you will also be asked to confirm if you want to continue with the process.
  5. If so, press Yes, which will remove your entire browsing data.
  6. While browsing, certain files might have been downloaded on your device too. You can also remove those files to free some memory space on your device. This method works for both mobile and desktop versions of Opera browser.

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  1. First of all, launch the Safari browser on your device
  2. Look for the back and forward buttons on the toolbar, then tap and hold the back button
  3. This will bring up the entire browsing you have opened recently
  4. Next, click on the Bookmarks button, which can be found on the toolbar.
  5. Then, select the Bookmark icon located on the upper left corner of the browser
  6. Next, tap on the Search menu, and this will bring up your entire searches from the open tabs.
  7. Now on this menu click on Clear, then select those items you want to clear. You can decide to clear your data in the past 48 hours or one hour. You can also choose to clear all the recorded data.



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